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British Retail Consortium Global Standards Series (BRCGS)

British Retail Consortium Global Standards Series (BRCGS)

Standard / Program:

BRC Global Standards Series

Brief Notes

  • Standards address issues on product quality & safety, legal compliance & operational criteria
  • Majority of UK and Scandinavian retailers will only consider running business with suppliers who have gained certification to the appropriate BRC Global Standard
  • Standards covers 6 fields as follows:
    • Food Safety
    • Packaging & packaging material
    • Storage & distribution 
    • Agents & Brokers 
    • Consumer products 
    • Retail

Potential Benefits

  • Ensure compliance of legal requirements, which related to product safety, such as allergens labeling, etc
  • Enhance Quality Management and Product Safety Control
  • Show evidence to demonstrate ‘due diligence’ in the face of potential prosecution by the enforcement authorities
  • Widely accepted by UK and Scandinavian retailers
  • Reduce cost and effort of audits conducted by buyers or their representatives

Other Standards