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Environmental and Hazardous Substances Management Series

Environmental and Hazardous Substances Management Series

Standard / Program:

ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO/TS 14067, QC 080000 (IECQ HSPM), RoHS, WEEE etc.

Brief Notes

  • Environmental issue is a global concern and affected many consumers and customers behaviors.
  • Various standards have been developed to address different concerns including prevention of pollution, energy consumption, carbon & water footprint etc.
  • RoHS and WEEE is a mandatory requirement control of HS (hazardous substances) and safe disposal for products such as household appliances, IT & telecom equipment, consumer products, lighting equipment, toys and leisure and sport, medical electronics, etc.
  • QC080000 is an internationally recognized system solution for RoHS, WEEE and other global hazardous substances restriction (e.g. Green process, China (RoHS) article 11, etc.)
  • QC080000 (IECQ HSPM) is applicable to Manufacturers, Suppliers, Repairers and Maintainers of above products
  • Company in other industries could adopt QC080000 (IECQ HSPM) for enhancing the management & control of restricted substances.

Potential Benefits

  • Enhance company image in supporting production of environment friendly products and safe disposal
  • Fulfill Dual Diligence
  • Improve and demonstrate the ability in meeting different customers’ requirement and legal requirement on HS and HSF requirements and safe disposal in different countries
  • Promote environmental awareness among employees
  • Ensure a reliable supply chain and to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the quality cost due to insufficient management of hazardous substances
  • Develop partnership with NGO, the community, employee, vendors & clients to contribute positive effect to the environment

Other Standards