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Training Program

Training Program

Standard in house training courses are available such as:

  • 1-day Interpretation & application of various management system standards
  • 2-days Internal audit of various management system standards
  • Half-day briefing to middle & senior management regarding various management system standards
  • Half-day briefing regarding how to prepare for certification audit and what should be aware of during and after the audit

Tailored courses could be provided to suit specific needs including but not limited to:

  • Incident & crisis management and emergency response.
  • Supply chain & distribution channel management
  • Productivity related such as 5S, Takt-time & balance, work cell & layout, visual management, quick changeover, etc.

Other Services:

Consultation, Training and Audit Service based on various management standards
Consultative Training
Internal Audit Service
Supply Chain & Distribution Channel Management supporting Service
Risk Management
Processes & Productivity Improvement
Consultation about leadership transition to next generation in family business