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Consultative Training

Consultative Training

This is a 1-day program particular suit for SME that:

  • Considering whether should adopt a particular management system standard or not
  • Decided adopt a particular management system standard but has no idea what to do next
  • Have no or limited knowledge of a particular management system standard while
    • Have many questions about how to fulfill the requirements
    • Wish to clarify whether some practice could fulfill the requirements
    • Not sure the approach or road map to build and implement the system
  • When there is a management system standard upgraded to a new version and the company wishes to know the key difference and what shall be done
  • Has limited budget

During the day, consultant would:

  • Brief about the concept & application of the Standard
  • Answered the questions and concerns from the client
  • Provide advisory & interactive discuss with client about:
    • Whether the standard would be helpful
    • Key factors affecting the success of implementation
    • Process to design & implement the standard
    • Any other areas that the client are interested or concerned

Client may depend on needs and budget to further discuss with the consultant on following services required.

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